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University recommendations due to the coronavirus pandemic

Södertörn University regards the spread of the coronavirus as a serious issue and has introduced strict restrictions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections. All our coronavirus recommendations for students at Södertörn University are compiled on this webpage.

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This page will be continuously updated. Last updated 19 November 2020. First published on 25 June 2020.

The university is following the pandemic’s development and managing activities based on the recommendations issued by the Swedish Government, the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

This is general information for students at Södertörn University. We ask that all of you also check what specifically applies to your course(s) via SH-StudyWeb. We would also like you to check that your correct email address is registered in Ladok. If you are a new student, information about when and where you will be able to access SH-StudyWeb is at

Update 15/9

The university has decided to largely continue with distance teaching and examinations throughout the autumn semester, as a way of continuing to contribute to reducing the spread of infection.

Update 16/10

Region Stockholm is introducing home quarantine for people with live with or have stayed with an infected person.

Update 30/10

Remote teaching is recommended whenever possible, due to the stricter general recommendations for the County of Stockholm.

At the end of May, the Swedish Government announced that higher education institutions would be able to have some face to face teaching in the autumn, provided they follow the recommendations to reduce the spread of the virus in the community. On this basis, Södertörn University has now made decisions that apply to the academic year of 2020/21. It will primarily be practical classes that are held on campus, as well as some teaching for new students. Most teaching will be done remotely. Your timetable will tell you what applies to you.

We have produced internal recommendations to reduce the number of students and employees who are on university premises at the same time. No groups of more than 50 people will have classes or lectures together. However, some practical elements, such as for Police Education, are exceptions to this. Teaching premises have been reviewed to see how many students they can hold if physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres is maintained. Infocenter and the library have information about how we can cooperate to avoid crowds forming.

Stay informed

Due to these exceptional circumstances, it is very important that you stay up to date with the general situation at the university and the specific one for your course(s).

Information about your course/programme and how teaching will be conducted is available via SH-StudyWeb, the university’s learning management system.

General information for students will be available on an ongoing basis via You are also encouraged to follow the recommendations of the relevant authorities.

Recommendations for the academic year of 2020/21

The university is following developments and the recommendations issued by the Swedish Government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden, and is managing activities on this basis. The following recommendations may therefore be updated:

  • From 2 November, the university recommends that teaching is conducted remotely due to new and stricter general recommendations for the County of Stockholm.
  • If you have classes on campus – remember to maintain physical distancing and follow the instructions in the lecture halls and other premises on campus.
  • The university’s approach is that if you have timetabled classes on campus, but cannot attend because you are in a risk group, live with someone in a risk group, or if you have cold symptoms, you must be able to have digital classes. However, some practical elements cannot be offered remotely, for example, some modules on Police Education. Read the FAQs for information about how to inform the university if this applies to you, or to ask questions.
  • The university asks that students who do not have classes on campus to study remotely as much as possible, until new recommendations allow many of us to be in the same place at the same time. Similarly, staff who do not have to be on site are asked to work from home.
  • It remains vital that we all remember to wash our hands often and stay at home even if we have mild cold symptoms. It is also important that we remember to wash our hands frequently.
  • If you live with a person with confirmed Covid-19, you are regarded as a suspected case. This means that you must not come to the university. You will receive more instructions from a track-and-trace team or the infected person's doctor.
  • You are encouraged to follow the recommendations of the relevant authorities.

Stay up to date via the relevant authorities:

Frequently asked questions

The university has produced some FAQs to answer common questions. Please read them to see if you can find the answers to your questions about the autumn semester. The Public Health Agency of Sweden has a page for FAQs about the coronavirus.external link, opens in new window

If you are worried

We understand that the current situation can give rise to questions and concerns, and are doing our best to be available prior to and during the start of your studies.

General preventive measures

  • Stay at home if you are ill, even if you have mild cold symptoms
  • Cough and sneeze in the crook of your arm
  • Wash your hands with soap and water
  • Hand disinfectant is also effective
  • Avoid touching your face if your hands are not clean
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