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5 Things to Do before Your Arrival Day to Stockholm

Whether you are new to Stockholm, or you are already well aware of the city, you must be prepared for your journey to Södertörn University.

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Arrival days are most anticipated, full of anxiety and most times, you forget to consider some basic things, so I will share some tips:

Handy Packing

Aside having your big boxes well packed and content well arranged, you must make a list of 10 things you will likely need either during your journey or during moments after arrival. Important travel documents and Identifications should be in your hand luggage. This also applies to your travelling cash or bankcards. You will surely have a hectic travel experience if you have to unbox your big bag to find a card or a paper or something that should have been just at the purse in your hand luggage.

City Map

Stockholm is a big city, well mapped and easy to navigate. Journey to Södertörn University is just as easy to navigate, either from the major airports or alternative routes. However, you have to be familiar with your city before arrival. Open your map and study your navigation, it helps. Then, endeavor to download an offline map. This is very important, and Google Maps is a good application/software for this purpose. With your offline map, you would not need to ask anyone for direction or get confused from the start of your journey to arrival to your room.

Stockholm  central station

Photo Credit: Amaraizu Genius

Arrival Day

At the beginning of every new session, Södertörn University announces arrival days for students. This is usually a week or two before orientation and introductory meetings. Know your arrival day, and mark your most suitable arrival date. Your journey may be as long as a two-day journey, or even as short as few hours journey, no matter the case, do your calculation and plan to arrive on the arrival day. Arriving within the arrival days grants you many privileges that may include free airport pickups, free sim card gift and lots of other free goodies. Be rest assured of valuable assistance.

Have a Contact Person

Before your arrival, it is a smart thing to have a contact person. This is even more important if you’re not arriving on the arrival days of the university. Of course, you can have flight delay or for other reasons may not be able to arrive on arrival day. Södertörn University offers an opportunity for incoming students to network, and your contact person can be a fellow student who arrived earlier than you did or directly from the university. Find out who is the Student Ambassador for the university or an executive member of the students’ union. Much help can come from there.

Know Where and When to Pick Your Keys

Is your accommodation offered by the university? Then you may not have much to worry in picking up your keys. However, it is super important to know exactly where and when. By where, you need to be sure of the office or place or person to collect your key. And by when, you shouldn’t forget that there are office hours, and rules guiding getting your keys if you arrive outside the working hour. Make sure you are familiar with how to go about this.

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