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FAQs due to the coronavirus pandemic

Södertörn University regards the spread of the coronavirus as a serious issue and has introduced strict restrictions to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections. The university has produced a list of FAQs for current and prospective students about the coronavirus and its effects on your studies.

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Due to the stricter general recommendations that were introduced in the County of Stockholm on 29 October 2020, Södertörn University has decided that, in principle, all teaching will be conducted remotely from 2 November. This also applies to the spring semester of 2021. Some practical course components will be held on campus. Your timetable will tell you what applies to you.

For the autumn semester of 2021, we are planning to return to on-campus teaching from the start of the semester. However, we must be prepared to rapidly return to remote learning if the authorities require this.

It is very important that you read the information that applies generally and to your specific course or programme. Information about your course/programme and how teaching will be conducted will be on SH-StudyWeb, the university's digital learning management system. General information for students will be available on an ongoing basis via

General information for students will be available on an ongoing basis via Specific information for your course or programme will be published on SH-StudyWeb.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, you can contact Infocenter ( Include the name of your course or programme, so that Infocenter can forward your question to the right unit.

No, from 12:00 on 23 December 2020, students will not have access to university premises, with the exception of the library where you may conduct independent study. Physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres must always be maintained. Group work and meetings are not permitted. Similarly, staff who do not have to be on site are asked to work from home.

We are working to provide solutions for everybody where possible. Please contact your placement supervisor or teacher and they will help you.

On 20 December 2020, the vice-chancellor decided that there will be no written examinations in the spring semester of 2021, due to the increased spread of coronavirus and the stricter restrictions. We are therefore continuing with the other forms of assessment that have largely been used since March, such as take-home examinations. Please contact your subject/teacher if you have questions about your exams.

All support units, such as Study and Careers Guidance, the Study Support Unit, Funka and the Student Health Centre, are open – but they are not accepting physical visitors. Instead, you should call or email them to book an appointment. There are instructions for this on their webpages, which you come to if you click on the above links. The appointment is then conducted digitally or via the phone.

The Student Health Centre refers questions about the coronavirus to the public health services or the Public Health Agency. However, you are welcome to contact them as usual if you are worried about study-related health issues.

If you are able to apply for additional time for written examinations, please submit your disability certificate to your teacher for additional time for take-home examinations. You can then discuss potential additional time for the take-home exam, if you need this. This is because the information stating that you can apply for more time is kept in the KronoX system and is not available to your teachers and examiners.

Please note that additional time for take-home exams is a recommendation from the coordinator for special educational support. This means it is the examiner (teacher) who decides what extension is possible.

You can find your certification when you log in at Click on "Läs besked" (read notification) to access your certificate, then download it and email it to your teacher. The recommendations are listed on page two. Contact Funka, the disability coordinators, if you need additional time for a take-home exam but a recommendation for this is not included in your certificate.

The library is open for students, doctoral students and staff from Södertörn University, Red Cross University College and the Stockholm University College of Music Education. However, the library is closed to the public and has restricted opening hours. Information is available on the library's website.

The library is not covered by this restriction (more information is available in Swedish on the Police website), so Södertörn University Library is still open to staff and students, but not to the general public. Opening hours have been reduced and all the group rooms are closed. You may not visit the library if you have any symptoms of illness and you must follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency: keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other visitors and staff, and wash or disinfect your hands regularly. Up to date information relating to the coronavirus pandemic is available at the library website.

Because an exceptional number of us are now working in SH-StudyWeb, the increased load may lead to some people finding it difficult to access or work in the system. Please wait a few minutes if things are happening slowly. If the problem remains, please contact

The Swedish Government has decided that students can keep their student finance if universities cancel courses, and that student loans are written off. Please see CSN's website for more information.external link, opens in new window

On 29 May, the vice-chancellor decided to cancel all exchange studies in the autumn of 2020, for both incoming and outgoing exchange students. The International Office is in contact with students who have been nominated and it may be possible to delay your exchange studies until the spring of 2021 (but not until the autumn of 2021).

Placements and field studies for outgoing students are cancelled as long as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against all non-essential foreign travel. After this, as usual, foreign placements or field studies in countries to which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel cannot begin or be granted.

In the spring semester of 2021, exchange studies, field studies and placements may be undertaken in countries that are excluded from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ advisories against non-essential travel. Exchanges and travel to countries for which the Ministry advises against non-essential travel will not be granted. Exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances. Please contact our international officers if you have questions about your exchange studies.

On 29 May, the vice-chancellor decided to cancel all exchange studies in the autumn of 2020, for incoming and outgoing exchange students. The International Office is in contact with the nominated students.

In the spring semester of 2021, we will offer students who want to undertake their exchange and study at Södertörn University the opportunity to do so. Even if their studies will largely be conducted remotely, incoming students will have the chance to live in and experience a new country.

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