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15 Unique Discounts & Benefits Available to Students at Södertörn University

I don’t think there is anything in Sweden a student cannot get on a discount. And as a student at Södertörn, you even get more unique perks to things that matter the most to you. Whether it is coursebooks or other academic needs, food, fun, electronics, travel, banking, health, self-improvement or more, you are covered. However, you must learn how to use your discounts.

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Here are 15 unique perks available to you:

1. Akademikerförbundet SSR is a union that organizes social scientists, economists, public health scientists, human resources scientists, behavioral scientists and sociologists. As student member, you get access to their service and benefits: link, opens in new window

2. Akavia is an association created by Jusek and Civilekonomerna. Akavia brings together economists, lawyers, social scientists, IT academics, human resources scientists and communicators under their study time. As a student member, you get access to salary advice and tips in your career: link, opens in new window

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3. Drivhuset in Campus Flemingsberg helps students with their entrepreneurial ambitions and development of skills and business ideas, completely free. As a student at Södertörn University, you have the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops that take place in collaboration with Drivhuset, the student union and the university: link, opens in new window

4. Folkuniversitetet is a study association that conducts adult education. Folkuniversitetet offers SöderS members courses and assistance in starting their own study circle: link, opens in new window

5. Föreningen Tillsammans is an organization that works against sexual violence by offering people who have been subjected to sexual violence a platform. As a student at Södertörn University, you have the opportunity to attend lectures organized by Föreningen Tillsammans and the student union: link, opens in new window

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6. Humly is a digital marketplace that matches flexible educators with assignments at preschools, elementary schools and high schools - the perfect extra job as substitutes for students: link, opens in new window

7. The Swedish Journalists' Association is a union for those who work in the Swedish media industry. As a student, you can become a member and receive a variety of benefits such as support, access to freelance tools and internships. The membership also includes a press card which is a professional ID for students: link, opens in new window

8. The Teachers' Union Student is a union that brings together student teachers to influence teacher education and its future professional role. As a member, you get free access to their membership magazines and courses: link, opens in new window

9. Läxhjälpen is a homework help program for pupils who risk not being able to finish school and lack upper secondary school eligibility. The homework helpers are paid college and university students that help youths with their homework and self-confidence. A meaningful extra job for students: link, opens in new window

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10. Vision Student is a union that helps students achieve their career goals. Vision brings together all students, regardless of field of study, and offers its members free services such as salary management, counseling and the opportunity to apply for Vision's scholarships: link, opens in new window

11. Westudent offers Sweden's college and university students local and national student discounts through the Student Booklet. Through their app and the Student Booklet, Westudent offers exclusive discounts for building relationships between students and the business community: link, opens in new window

12. Mecenat: The Mecenat card will give you access to a variety of discounts ranging from purchasing a new mobile phone to booking a holiday. You can get help with ordering your Mecenat card at the SöderS’ Help Desk or contacting, we recommend using this card in combination with your SöderS membership. link, opens in new window

13. Just like Mecenat, Studentkortet is another student card you can obtain to access many variety of discounts. With your Swedish personal number, you can just sign up free online:

14. SL & SJ: If you are studying more than 22.5 points at the university during a term, you will be eligible for student discounts when purchasing a single, weekly, monthly or annual SL ticket (SL is the public transport provider in Stockholm). It is important to keep your student ID (such as the Mecenat card) with you at all times when using this discounted SL card. Note, the Mecenat card must have the SL logo on it. https://sl.seexternal link, opens in new window

Also, all students with a Mecenat card will have access to a 15% discount when purchasing a trip at SJ (a Swedish train operating company). https://sj.seexternal link, opens in new window

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15. SSSB accommodation queue: Södertörn University has a housing arrangement for students, you can check it out here: However, you may want to check out other options, and this is where you also benefit a free access to the SSSB accommodation queue: link, opens in new window

Author: Amaraizu Genius

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: link, opens in new window

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