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Interested in practical career networking?

Thanks to an initiative by some of our international students, SH Karriär is delighted to invite you to a workshop that will help you improve your networking skills and expand your career opportunities.

Student läser på en surfplatta

Building networks is a great way to create new contacts and find placements, summer jobs or full-time employment. Andrew Hennigan has over twenty years’ experience in the field, and teaches networking and influencing skills at universities, companies and organisations. On 21 April, he will hold a virtual workshop for students at Södertörn University.

Amaraizu Genius, international student ambassador at Södertörn University, has helped bring Andrew Hennigan to the university.

“Networking requires skills and strategy,” he says. “This event will equip students with the necessary tools for career growth.”

The workshop includes opportunities to interact and to ask questions, and participants are also invited to send written questions for offline responses afterwards.

“If there is a faster way to career success, it’s through taking advantage of networking,” says Amaraizu Genius.

The workshop in practical career networking is at 10.00 on 21 April, via Zoom. Don’t forget to register! Webinar Registration - Zoom External link.


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