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FAQs due to the coronavirus pandemic

We hope that the strictest restrictions are now a thing of the past and that the university can begin to open up. We will continue to follow the advice and recommendations issued by the authorities and adapt our activities accordingly. The university has produced a list of FAQs for current and prospective students about the coronavirus and its effects on your studies.

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The autumn semester is fast approaching and Södertörn University is planning for on-campus teaching in the autumn, although some programmes may retain elements of remote learning. Your timetable will show you what apples to you. Of course, we are also prepared to reset and return to remote teaching if necessary, and we follow the recommendations of the authorities. Just how the return to campus teaching will be organised is not yet finalised, but we will be providing continual updates to general information at Student - Södertörns högskola External link.. More specific information will be published on SH-StudyWeb.

Maintaining physical distancing is still important, even if some teaching will now be conducted on campus. Measures are in place to make this easier, such as reducing the number of seats in lecture rooms (ends on 2 November 2021, due to the easing of restrictions), signs to remind you to maintain a safe distance to others and plexiglass barriers at information desks, etc. A great deal of responsibility for ensuring that physical distancing is maintained rests with the individual.

General information for students will be available on an ongoing basis via Student - Södertörns högskola External link.. Specific information for your course or programme will be published on SH-StudyWeb.

If you cannot find the answer to your questions, you can contact Infocenter ( Include the name of your course or programme, so that Infocenter can forward your question to the right unit.

Each unit has its own opening hours, so please check their webpage for the correct information. For example, to check when Infocenter is open, go to Infocenter's webpage External link.. For the library, see their information about their opening hours External link, opens in new window.. The university as a whole is open to students from 16 August, with the normal opening hours of 06.00 - 24.00.

The library is reopening for students with keycards on 8 August. It will be open on weekdays, 10.00-15.00, and will open to the public on 23 August. All the relevant information is available at Information from the library due to the Corona virus outbreak - Södertörns högskola External link.

This autumn semester, it is once again possible to sit written exams on campus. The university's examination halls are equipped with desks at which students sit alone and which have pace between them. They are large rooms with good ventilation, which allows us to follow the recommendations of the Public Health Agency of Sweden. Some measures are already in place, such as plexiglass, visors for invigilators, hand disinfectant and floor markings. Some courses may still hold remote examinations rather than written examinations. Stay up to date with what applies to you via SH-StudyWeb or contact your course/subject.

One change for this autumn is that it is no longer possible to register late for written exams, i.e. after the registration period has ended. Read more in the news article about “Changes to routines for written examinations External link.”.

No, some courses and programmes will have face to face teaching on campus. Please check your timetable to see what applies to you, either in your courseroom on SH-StudyWeb or using the search function for timetables.

The Public Health Agency of Sweden’s guidelines state that everyone has a responsibility to stay at home if they have symptoms that could be COVID-19.

A student who participates in face to face teaching and who has cold symptoms will be encouraged to leave the classroom. If the student does not do so, the teacher can choose to stop teaching so that other course participants and teachers do not risk becoming infected.

The above also applies if a student does not follow the university’s guidelines for reducing the risk of infection, e.g. maintaining physical distancing in a classroom.

If a student does not leave despite the teacher’s request, the teacher may make a report to the university’s Disciplinary Board.

The university cannot require that students are vaccinated.

However, we encourage all students to get vaccinated. If you have not yet been vaccinated, you can do so at the drop-in centre at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, read more here.

It is up to each student to follow the recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the provisions of the Communicable Diseases Act on preventive measures to avoid the spread of disease.

Contact your teacher. The teacher can, individually or in consultation with the subject or programme coordinator, decide whether it is possible to provide an exception from teaching/examination that requires physical attendance. If equivalent type of examination cannot be organised, you will be offered the opportunity to participate in the next resit (in the same way as for absence due to illness or other absence).

If adaptations are not possible, you can apply for leave of absence for medical reasons.

Foreign placements or field studies in countries to which the Ministry for Foreign Affairs advises against travel cannot be granted or begin.

For exchange studies to take place in the autumn semester of 2021, the conditions are:

  • The Ministry for Foreign Affairs does not advise against travel to that country
  • The receiving country has open borders
  • The host university is receiving students

Please contact our international officers if you have questions about your exchange studies.

Södertörn University is planning for face to face teaching from the autumn semester of 2021. Incoming exchange students who have been admitted to Södertörn University can conduct their exchange and study on campus at Södertörn University. If the situation changes due to the pandemic, some courses may be offered remotely. For a student to be able to come to Sweden, their home country must have open borders and their home university must give their approval for studying abroad, depending on the pandemic situation.

Please contact our international officers if you have questions about exchange studies.

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