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Things to Do This Summer: Where to Start

You didn’t travel out of Sweden this summer? That’s great, there are lots of things to do here during the holiday. Oh, you don’t have friends? The pandemic didn’t allow you meet many new friends, or your friends have traveled? Here is an idea of what to do during this long holiday while in Sweden.

Ungdomar hoppar i sjön från en brygga

Credits: Lieselotte van der Meijs/

Written by Amaraizu Genius

Become a bit Swedish

Different people have different meaning to this. Even among Swedes, it could mean a different thing ‘being Swedish’. But that’s where to start, there is a base line we all can agree on when it comes to this. And yeah, it is summer; no better time to enjoy Sweden. First, you have to be outdoor everyday. That’s it. Swedes are super active during summer, and everyone is outdoor enjoying the sun which could be as high as 30 degrees Celsius. You can’t miss this, and shouldn’t afford being alone in your room after all semester of remote studies (probably carried out in your room). So, get up and visit the city to grab fika anywhere the train leads you. You can’t get missing!

Find out the foods you don’t like

I bet you have been eating only familiar meals all this while. Maybe, you have tried a few new ones, but likely, you tried those meals you believe you will love. It’s time to find out the foods you don’t like. Of course, along this challenging quest, you will definitely discover and fall in love trying new strange foods. You could walk up to a local restaurant and ask them for something truly traditional. You don’t need to know the name food or how it looks, but you’re free to ask how it is made, especially if you have any allergies. And yeah, you are not limited to traditional Swedish meals. Remember, Stockholm is an international multicultural environment. You can decide to visit a restaurant for indigenous meals of some countries you’re yet to visit. Now, let’s go and explore starting with Swedish cuisine.

Dans runt midsommarstång

Credits: Anna Hållams/

Places to go

Everywhere in Sweden is a tourist attraction. Thousands of islands, vibrant cities, wonders of nature and amazing sights. Now, where to start is usually a challenge. Here is my suggestion: start with the globally recognized UNESCO world heritage sites in Sweden External link, opens in new window.. Sweden has many heritage sites and you can check them out to begin your visitation plans. Aside the heritage sites, you may want to visit other cities outside Stockholm. Have you gone to the second largest city in Sweden – Gothenburg, or the third largest – Malmö? Believe me; you will experience nothing short of colourful amazing sights. How about the unpopular cities? That’s even where you get to meet being true Swedish!

Events to Engage

Remember that everyone is outdoor. Events are happening everywhere too, all around you. There are ideas that should make your bucket list since you’re in Sweden. Have you gone kayak tour or paragliding yet? How about Archipelago sail cruise? There are many guided tours happening in Stockholm, you can go to Visit Stockholm External link, opens in new window. to register your preferences. And yeah, you can’t miss the experience of midsummer celebration. There’s a Swedish county called Dalarna, and there’s no better place to experience their biggest event- midsummer and also learn about the Dala horses. And again, use this moment to get to know your neighbours, invite them to an outdoor barbeque party or an outdoor swimming exercise.

Enjoy summer to the fullest and feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn: External link.

Picture of the author Amaraizu Genius

Amaraizu Genius is an International Student Ambassador at Södertörn University.

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