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How I Won a Scholarship to Study at Södertörn University – Sania from Pakistan

Sania Rauf Khan is from Pakistan, and is a 2021 Master’s program student in International Economics at Södertörn University. In April 2021, she was awarded the prestigious Swedish Institute scholarship for Global Professional (SISGP) to study at Södertörn. Here is her interaction with our student ambassador.

Sania Rauf Khan

“The high energy and homely environment of the university immensely fascinated me to be a part of it.” – Sania Rauf Khan

What’s your Master program about, and why Södertörn University?

– I had the opportunity to visit Södertörn University and interact with teachers and students here years before I joined studies here. The high energy and homely environment of the university immensely fascinated me to be a part of it. I have been working with the development sector and studying development oriented subject matter could enable me to significantly contribute and help those in need in a more equipped and efficient manner. With this aim in mind and passion at heart, I have joined Sweden, Södertörn and this Study Programme.

Describe your feeling when you received the news about your scholarship award?

– Exhilarating! I was anxiously waiting for the result and I was over the moon when I got the great news. Actually, I have been working for many years since my last degree and I wanted to pursue further studies and I have always liked Sweden at the same time - thus it could be a great combination. So yes, I was very happy and I shared the news with my son and my father. And my son, in his own innocence and childly remorse for studies said, ‘You are an adult and can do anything you want and this is what you chose to do – more studies’?

What skills, experiences or general efforts do you think are your lucky charms to winning the SI scholarship?

–I greatly feel that first of all it was my conviction, motivation and desire which made me take the application very seriously and put in the required effort to put it together carefully. Secondly, my love and passion for environment and people which my continuous professional and volunteer work reflected were the basics to get selected.

Some Tips to Other Students Applying for the SI Scholarship This Year

Sania Rauf Kahn

Photo: Sania Rauf Kahn

  1. ‘Be yourself’ and present the best of you in the application. Make over does not work here😊.
  2. You know it really well if you are the right candidate or not. If you think you are then apply for it confidently and rest assured that you will get it.
  3. Understand carefully what you have been asked for and what is required of a suitable candidate and then prepare your application accordingly. No skill is too minor to be ignored- if it’s relevant, don’t be shy to share.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

– ‘Among people of this world and close to nature’. I wish to continue working for the welfare of these two, which are close to my heart. Spreading happiness can be the greatest happiness and I want to attain it.

Picture of the author Amaraizu Genius

Author: Amaraizu Genius

Do you have any questions, or want to learn more about students at Södertörn University? Connect with Amaraizu Genius, our International Student Ambassador here: External link, opens in new window.

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