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FAQ for prospective students affected by the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has affected a large part of the population in Ukraine. Södertörn University is receiving questions from students or prospective students from Ukraine about the possibility to apply for studies or continue their studies with us. We have therefore put together an FAQ list to answer some of the most common questions.

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However, please note that the responses to some of the questions might change over time depending on the development of the situation and new guidelines by relevant authorities. We, therefore, update this page regularly.

You can also visit the Swedish Council for Higher Education for information to newly arrived from Ukraine: Information regarding Ukraine. External link, opens in new window.

I was studying in Ukraine but cannot continue my studies due to the war. Can I transfer to Södertörn University?

Södertörn University does not have a common process for transfers. In most cases, you need to apply to start from the beginning of the programme or course. A few programmes do, however, might offer the possibility to transfer through an application to a later semester of the programme or a course.

Our list of the programmes and courses with English as the language of instruction is available at External link.. Applicants are required to meet the general and, where relevant, specific requirements for the programme they have selected. More detailed information on general requirements, as well as on country-specific instructions for applicants from Ukraine can be found on

I am a Ukrainian citizen, and I am interested in applying for studies at Södertörn University in autumn 2022. How do I apply?

The international application round for autumn 2022 closed in January. The second application round for autumn 2022, which is mainly intended for national and EU applicants, closed on 19 April. Most of our programmes and courses are full, however, there is a handful of courses that are open for late applications. Please visit External link. for more information on the courses that are open for late applications. The next international application round for the programmes that start in autumn 2023 would open in October 2022.

As a Ukrainian student, do I have to pay tuition fees for studies at Södertörn University?

All international students from outside the EU and EEA are liable to pay tuition fees for their studies in Sweden. However, if you are covered by the EU´s Temporary Protection Directive, and you left Ukraine on 24 February or later to come to Sweden to get your permit here, based on the Directive, you will be exempt from tuition fees for the duration of the permit. In addition, to make it easier for those who were already in Sweden at the time of the invasion, the Government has adopted a legislative amendment. The amendment means that those who travelled to and stayed in Sweden between 30 October 2021 and 23 February 2022 are also included in the group who are entitled to residence permits with temporary protection, provided that they meet the requirements, e.g., being a Ukrainian citizen and resident in Ukraine. The legislative amendment to the ordinance will enter into force on 26 April 2022.

I am currently studying in Ukraine. Can I travel to Sweden and study at Södertörn University as an exchange student?

Södertörn University has the possibility to accept international students as exchange students through some international programmes such as Erasmus or via bilateral agreements with universities abroad. In order to be able to receive exchange students, there need to be an agreement between the receiving and sending institution. Please contact your home university or Södertörn University to see if there is such a bilateral agreement.

I am an international non-EU student currently studying in Ukraine. Can I get a residence permit to continue my studies at Södertörn University?

If you are a third-country national or stateless person with permanent residence status in Ukraine as of 24 February and you are unable to return ‘in safe and durable conditions to your country or region of origin’, you may be covered by the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive. If you are not covered by the Directive, you will need to apply for a regular residence permit for studies as an admitted non-EU/EEA student. For more information on the Directive, please visit External link, opens in new window..

Does Södertörn University have any scholarships for applicants and students from Ukraine?

Södertörn University does not have any scholarships for Ukrainians or any other nationals in particular. All applicants for our International Master’s programmes from non-EU/EEA countries are welcome to apply for the Södertörn University tuition fee-waiver scholarship. For more information on this scholarship, please visit

Is Södertörn University currently accepting students from Russia and Belarus?

Yes, we welcome applicants from all countries and the selection for our studies is based on academic qualifications, but not on nationality. Please note that as collaboration has been suspended with state institutions in Russia and Belarus, we cannot currently receive exchange students from these institutions.

How is Södertörn University helping its students who are affected by the conflict in Ukraine?

Södertörn University offers career and study guidance services to its students. Our current students have also access to complimentary services of the Student Health Centre in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet. The University Chaplaincy offers a safe space for individual talks, meditation or simply prayers.

How is Södertörn University working to support scholars from Ukraine?

As a university with a focus on the Baltic region and Eastern Europe, Södertörn University has a long tradition of cooperation with scholars and researchers from including but not limited to Ukraine. The University works with the organisation Scholars at Risk, an organisation that works to help researchers who, for various reasons, can no longer do their research in their home countries. A number of funding bodies in Sweden and the EU have taken the initiative to provide grants and scholarships of various kinds that can be used by researchers from Ukraine who come to Swedish higher education institutions.

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