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SH-StudyWeb: how will the new LMS affect you?

The university is changing the learning management system (LMS) it uses for SH-StudyWeb, from Itslearning to Canvas. For the next six months, will have a new webpage with two ways to log in to SH-StudyWeb.

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When you click on SH-StudyWeb in the top menu on, or use the shortcut on, instead of being directed straight to SH-StudyWeb you will arrive at a page with two login options. All your new courses will be in the new SH-StudyWeb that uses the Canvas LMS and previous courses can be found in the old SH-StudyWeb that uses the Itslearning LMS.

If you want to hand in or download material from a course that was held in the spring semester of 2022, click on the link that says “LOG IN AS A STUDENT OR EMPLOYEE, SH-STUDYWEB ITSLEARNING”. For resits or late assignments that must be done in the old version of SH-StudyWeb, you must talk to your teacher or course administrator to find out what applies. You will be able to access the old version of SH-StudyWeb until 30 November 2022.

If you are going to study a course in the summer or autumn, you access the course in the new version of SH-StudyWeb, which uses the Canvas LMS. If you want to start getting familiar with the new version of SH-StudyWeb, you can visit Get started with SH-StudyWeb External link. , and begin finding your way around.

How will the new version of SH-StudyWeb affect students?

  • SH-StudyWeb will have a new appearance and a new login link
  • New functions to make managing your studies easier
  • Navigation has a basic structure, making navigation easier and with fewer clicks
  • The home page for all courserooms looks the same, so the links for the syllabus, timetable and reading list are always in the same place
  • A new app, “Canvas Student” can be downloaded from AppStore/Android Google Play
  • If you want to save anything from an old courseroom, you must do so before 30 November 2022
  • Resits or work left to do from the spring semester? Check where they should be done with your teacher or course administrator.

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