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New guidelines for written exams

After a decision by the vice-chancellor, the guidelines for on-campus written exams have been revised, coming into effect in the autumn semester of 2023. Below is a short summary of selected revisions.


Prohibited items

  • Watches and other timepieces are now prohibited aids, because it is impossible to quickly and definitively identify which of these have smart functions. Exam halls will now have several clocks that will be visible from each seat.
  • Snus (snuff) containers have previously been an inconsistent exception to the prohibition on opaque packaging. Snus containers will no longer be permitted on desks. Snus is still permitted, but must be stored in transparent packaging supplied by the student.
  • Students may not bring their own earplugs; these will instead be provided by the university.
  • The new guidelines give invigilators the authority to check items on the desk.

Other information

  • It has become clear that students who have been granted extra support for written exams may be entitled to have items in addition to those listed as permitted. The student is entitled to support provided that this support has been granted by the Funka coordinator, that the student has registered this for the relevant written exam and that the Examination Coordination Office has approved it.
  • Approved ID documents are no longer included in the guidelines as they are listed at

The new guidelines (reg. no. 2288-1.1.2-2023) apply from 28 August 2023 and replace the Rules for Written Examinations (reg. no. 2418-2.2.5-2018). They have been revised to remove ambiguities in the previous rules and to improve their consistency and therefore comprehension.

The new guidelines are available he External

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