What's included?

Abstract and real-world applications in macroeconomics

This Master’s level course has a significant level of abstraction in terms of formalisation and concepts, providing additional knowledge of modern macroeconomic theory at the frontline of contemporary international macroeconomic research. You will learn to relate this economic theory to societal problems at the macro level and to use it in abstract and real-world applications.

The course is based upon micro foundations and political economics, emphasising problems of coordination and stability and dealing with areas such as consumption and investment, money, credit and growth. You will learn to critically and analytically assess empirical and theory-based claims and understand how theoretical perspectives and choice of methods influence academic studies.

The course aims to leave you able to participate in scholarly discussions of macroeconomic issues and to contribute qualified opinions, as well as able to use an economic perspective in other professional contexts, domestically and internationally.

Course design

Teaching is conducted through lectures and ordinary and computer-based seminars, and assessment takes the form of a written take-home examination, assignments and active participation in seminars.