What's included?

Interventions that benefit sustainable development and their consequences

This Master’s level course is built around providing you with the knowledge and understanding to use scientific perspectives on sustainable development, allowing you to identify and analyse complex phenomena that impact sustainable development. You will make analyses that allow you to identify interventions that benefit sustainable development, and evaluate and communicate their consequences. In partnership with other students and external organisations, you will develop, plan and evaluate a project that aims to contribute to sustainable development and which will help you understand the relevance of different models in project and process leadership. While doing this, you will also communicate the process of implementation and its results to relevant stakeholders. During the course you will also learn how to understand and reflect on the values that are the foundation of individual and organisational behaviours and attitudes, as well as identifying and challenging norms that determine the understanding of sustainable development.

The course is examined through project work, participation in seminars and a take-home exam, and you will be expected to spend much of your studies either on campus or at the organisation you are working with. You are also expected to be practised at reading theoretical literature and linking it to experiences in your past and present, as well as thinking analytically and critically.