What's included?

Critical reflection on ethics and social processes

This Master’s level course investigates classical sociological themes of class and gender in the light of contemporary research. You will survey and analyse social stratification, as well as describing and problematising current social processes and their impact on living conditions, becoming acquainted with theoretical and methodological traditions in intersectional analysis. You will be expected to demonstrate awareness of the inherent possibilities and limitations of theory and research, and to critically reflect on research’s ethical aspects and problems. This course thus prepares you for working with social sustainability, antidiscrimination and issues of justice or gender mainstreaming at workplaces such as municipalities, public agencies, businesses and international NGOs. As gender mainstreaming, equality and antidiscrimination are becoming increasingly common aspects of working life, this course is extremely relevant to the labour market.

The course is taught through lectures, seminars and a guest lecture from Gender Studies. You are expected to be prepared to discuss the literature at the seminars, and examination is in the form of a written essay in which you apply intersectional analysis.