Why this subject?

Societal change starts with knowledge

If you are interested in societal issues, then Sociology is the subject for you. As a science, Sociology covers all aspects of society. Sociology tries to explain social processes and the consequences of people’s actions and relationships. When studying Sociology, you will learn to reflect critically on various societal phenomena and to see the links between them. Politics and economics, the labour market and working life, ideology and religion are examples of a few complex subjects that are discussed.

Studying Sociology equips you with knowledge about societal analysis and you practice making your own investigations into various aspects of society. For example, you conduct surveys, learn interview techniques and analyse data using statistical methods. Sociology also has an important and creative research environment with several research centres affiliated to the subject. Important areas of research include issues of society’s political and social organisation, and social sustainability in areas of socioeconomic deprivation, amongst other things. All researchers work close to education, so you will find out about new and interesting research in the subject during your studies.

Sociology can be studied on freestanding courses, but can also be chosen as a main field of study for several programmes. It is also possible to continue studying after your Bachelor’s degree and get a Master’s or a doctorate in Sociology at the university.