What's included?

The theory and practice of strategic interaction

Strategic thinking is often singled out as a key leadership competence. More generally, it is a critical ingredient in all social interaction, both in everyday life and in professional activities. The course presents theories and principles from psychology and other social sciences, such as economics, business administration, and political science, although no previous knowledge of these areas is required. You will gain personal experience of the dilemmas that drive many of the societal challenges of sustainability, and examine how individuals spontaneously tend to conceptualise and approach strategic interaction. Research methodology is integrated in the course, so you will learn how to adopt a critical stance to interpreting and evaluating empirical data on strategic interaction.

To provide you with the tools necessary to improve your strategic thinking, the course combines readings and individual reflection on strategic situations with case discussions and practical exercises. There is also a written examination, that focuses on both theoretical knowledge and the practical application of the theories.