Why this subject?

Explore and analyse people’s behaviour, interaction and experiences

Psychology is a subject that is interested in human behaviour and interaction. As a science, psychology wants to systematically investigate how people experience and act in various situations. How and why do people think, feel and behave as they do? If you want to investigate the workings of the human psyche, work in an area in which knowledge about people is necessary or are interested in the scientific methodology of Psychology, then this is the subject for you. For many people, studying Psychology also leads to significant personal development.

With Psychology as your main field of study, you gain an understanding of human thinking from many different perspectives – biological, neurological, cognitive, social and cultural. Issues that are discussed include how people develop throughout their lives, group behaviour and the factors that influence people’s thoughts, emotions and behaviours. As a subject, Psychology has a strong scientific basis and you will learn a range of theories and methods. Knowledge of the subject, scientific methodology and statistics are integrated and you are trained in working independently to search for, understand, summarise, analyse and evaluate information.