What's included?

Future trends, management, ICT and products for European city tourism

This course comprises four 7.5-credit modules, the first of which examines future trends in global tourism in a co-creative society. You will identify and analyse important aspects of societal tourism, e.g. global and local tourism, the experience economy, new visitor attractions, sustainable social development, and reflect critically on the significance of tourism for building bridges between individuals, groups and countries. The second module critically examines the manager's role in a tourist company from the perspective of sustainability. It has four parts: leadership and human resource management; business and service product development; service processes and hospitality management; and sustainability strategies such as the company’s environmental impact and social responsibility. The third module examines and assesses the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in tourism companies’ business processes, such as the internet, booking systems, e-business, social media and GIS. This module also covers the potential to add value through new IT-based tourist products. The fourth module examines European city tourism, through a critical comparative analysis of the prerequisites for city tourism in different European cities. You will look at how complex city-related tourist products can be developed for foreign and local customer groups and analyse how city tourist destinations can be organised using an integrated tourist, resident and working life perspective.

Course design

The course comprises lectures, seminars, project work and group work, and is assessed through written examination, take-home examination, group written assignments, project work and active participation in the seminars.