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Comparative perspectives on racism


Antigypsyism in Comparison with Afrophobia, Antisemitism, Islamophobia and Anti-Sami Racism I

7.5 credits

The course provides deep understanding of the concept and phenomenon of Antigypsyism by comparing it to other forms of racism. You will use theoretical tools to analyse racism generally and specifically, as well as examining authorities’ and civil society’s mobilisation against, acceptance of or exercise of different forms of racism.

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Analysing and developing strategies to counter Antigypsyism Antigypsyism is an under-communicated topic of growing importance, because inclusion strategies have proven ineffective without strategies to combat Antigypsyism. This course examines the concept and phenomenon of Antigypsyism through comparisons that clarify its similarities and differences with other forms of racism: Afrophobia, Antisemitism, Islamophobia and anti-Sami racism. You will critically discuss and apply the above terms to describe historical and current phenomena, as well as problematising various definitions of racism. Key issues in the research fields of racism, Afrophobia, Antisemitism, Antigypsyism, Islamophobia and anti-Sami racism are covered, and you will gain specific competence in analysing Antigypsyism and developing counter-strategies. Teaching is conducted remotely, in the form of lectures, guest lectures and seminars, with total contact hours of around two per week. The course is assessed through written assignments and oral discussion exercises.