What's included?

Close reading and contextual analysis of British literature

On this course, you will learn about fundamental concepts in literary and cultural theory by studying important works from the Renaissance to the modern period. It primarily provides a general account of the history of British literature, but does also cover other English-speaking regions. You will learn to use appropriate terminology to discuss central issues within the field of British literature, with a focus on the interactions between cultural, societal, and political phenomena, and to describe important conventions of genre and fundamental patterns in academic analyses in literature. You will also be required to write English- language literary essays with a substantial degree of linguistic precision, to conduct close readings of literary works in their historical and social contexts, and to give and respond to constructive criticism. More generally, you will reflect on the conditions of humanities studies and one's own role as a producer of knowledge.

Course design

All teaching is conducted in English and is in the form of lectures and seminars. The course s assess through seminar and lecture attendance, written examination, and written and oral assignments.