Your future

Work with legal issues around the world

After studying Public Law, you have the necessary knowledge and expertise for a profession associated with state or municipal administration. There are wide-ranging job opportunities once you have studied Public Law. For example, you can work in the private or public sectors, internationally or within Europe, and you have legal knowledge that covers Europe.

You have knowledge of the legal basis for the exercise of power conducted by public authorities, as well as of the requirements that European law places on the Swedish legal system.

After your studies you are prepared for a range of professions. You could, for example, work as an officer for state or municipal authorities, or as a legal practitioner at businesses that have many contacts with public authorities, such as insurance companies or consultancies.

What are former students doing now?

Former students of Public Law now work in a wide range of professions. Many are employed in public administration or in parts of the private sector that have extensive contacts with authorities. Others work with EU projects in Sweden and also abroad, for example with Brexit in the UK.

Your future job could be as an official at Work Environment Authority or the Migration Board or similar, or at an organisation or business as a coordinator, investigator or project manager.