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Reflective essay writing as a genre


Creative Writing and the Reflective Essay

7.5 credits

Autumn / Spring



This Bachelor’s level course focuses on the reflective essay as a genre and aims to provide you with practice in collecting themes and generating ideas. The course literature is used as a basis for collecting themes on which reflective essays are written. The students discuss each other's texts and rework their texts after feedback from their peers and the teacher.

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The art of textual communication The course provides skills that will be useful when working with all kinds of writing, such as insight into the writing process, developing themes and a structure, and analysing and reviewing other people's texts. Read about research in this subject
Reflective essay writing as a genre and the peer review process This introductory course examines the reflective essay as a genre of creative writing, describing the characteristics of essays and the process theory of writing. On the course, you will discuss and analyse texts, and formulate a reader response, as well as formulating a theme and writing a reflective essay based on the course literature. You will also practically evaluate your own and others’ strategic writing choices, as well as creative writing as a working method. Course design The course is built up around lectures, seminars, group assignments, and individual written assignments. Assessment is based upon active participation in seminars and your written assignments.
Structured writing and peer reviews This Bachelor’s level course will help you develop your creative writing, in theory and in practice. You will learn strategies for imagination and creativity, as well as how to give and receive critique from your peers and the teacher.