What's included?

Cultural, grammatical, literary and linguistic aspects of English

The module on English in a Global Context covers cultural and political discourses in Great Britain, the USA and other English-speaking countries, with the history and effects of globalisation as its starting point. The topics you will examine include urban environments, political and cultural institutions and multicultural issues. You will describe and discuss relevant historical, social and cultural phenomena behind the spread of English and the effects and identities that develop as a result. The module that deals with grammar will deepen your knowledge of both general and English grammar, and develop your ability to understand and apply grammatical rules. English linguistics is covered in a separate module, and you will acquire the fundamentals of modern linguistic theories and their applications. This includes subjects such as morphology, semantics, pragmatics, sociolinguistics and language acquisition, and approaches linguistic variation from geographical, social, cultural and situational perspectives. During the final module, Literature and Culture, you will read a selection of texts that illuminate multicultural aspects of the modern, English-speaking world, analysing literary texts from mainly the 1950s onward.

Course design

The course is taught through lectures and seminars and assessed through attendance at these lectures and seminars, written examinations and assignments and oral presentations.