What's included?

Different perspectives and how they influence our interpretation of the past

On this course, you will discuss and compare imperialism och colonialism in different time periods and parts of the world, juxtaposing different explanations for them, both as concepts and historical phenomena. Imperialism and colonialism are analysed from the perspectives of gender, class, and ethnicity, and you will reflect on the importance of these different perspectives for historical research on imperialism and colonialism. One theme of the course is the Swedish colonisation of Sápmi, which is the subject of critical discussion. You will also become familiar with and critically analyse examples of postcolonial history-writing, as well as applying methods of historical scholarship on a primary source material pertaining to imperialism and colonialism. You will gain deeper understanding of how different choices of perspective influence our interpretation of the past, and therefore also our interpretation of contemporary times and the future.

Course design

The course consists of lectures, seminars, and archival or field studies. Examination is conducted through active participation in seminars and individual written assignments.