What's included?

Regional markets and the principles of international marketing

The primary objective of this course is to introduce you to issues in international marketing through the examination of global consumerism, economic and societal development, the spread of multinational corporations, business ethics and current economic and marketing issues. You will learn about the principles of marketing and their impact on the global economic, social/cultural, legal/political and regulatory environment, as well as how to identify regional economic markets and how to qualify and quantify potential opportunities using research, segmentation and targeting techniques. The aim of the course is to provide you with a well-rounded understanding of marketing as it can be applied in an international context, to equip you with the skills and competences required to create, evaluate, execute, monitor and control marketing programmes in countries other than your home country, and to develop your ability to see marketing opportunities and challenges through a global lens.

Course design

The core topics of the course are covered in lectures and seminars. The lectures are used to cover the basic concepts, frameworks and ideas of the course, while the seminars provide you with the opportunity to apply the course concepts to real world situations, mostly through case studies. Attendance at seminars and case presentations is compulsory. The course is examined through a written group project report and its oral presentation, and a written examination.