What's included?

Globalisation, nationalism, war and peace, and cooperation and integration

This 30-credit course has four modules, each worth 7.5 credits. The first module, Theories of International Politics, is an introduction to international politics as an academic field and presents theoretical perspectives on the international system’s structure and processes, as well as different types of international relations. The second module, The Causes of War and the Prerequisites for Peace, discusses the character of war, how war has changed over time, and different aspects of conflict management (peace keeping, preventive diplomacy, peacemaking efforts, etc.), with regard to both civil wars and wars between nations. The third module, Cooperation and Integration in Theory and Practice, focuses on the prerequisites for international cooperation and the emergence and design of international institutions: how they change over time and their effects on international cooperation. The final module, Nationalism in an Era of Globalisation, looks at the circumstances under which nationalism is strengthened or weakened when meeting the forces of globalisation, and how globalisation affects democracy.

Course design

The course is seminar-based, and assessment is conducted through attendance at the seminars and written examination.