What's included?

Managing the way innovation processes transform ideas to practice

This course captures the growing awareness of the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship for economic growth and competitiveness, which is found in both research literature and in policy and practice. Innovation requires more than creative capacities to invent new ideas; it requires managerial and entrepreneurial skills to transform ideas into practice, in terms of new products, services, production methods, distribution systems, markets and organisational forms etc. This course covers a number of theories and models for understanding the innovation process, emphasising the innovation process as a collective action, i.e. an interaction with and between partners, colleagues, teams, clients and suppliers, external networks, and institutions, etc. It also examines the barriers and opportunities for managers to strategically and operationally direct and control the innovation process, looking at innovation processes in both large, established firms and new ventures.

Course design

Teaching is conducted through lectures, seminars, group projects. The course is assessed through active participation in seminars, a group project and written examination.