Why this subject?

Support people and organisations through change and development

Studying Education at Södertörn University is the right choice if you are interested in how cultures, knowledge and values can be both preserved and changed through educational activities. This is highly relevant to our contemporary multicultural society. At its core it examines how people of all ages and all walks of life create meaning by studying and

changing the world, but also how people can be participatory and influence their own lives and the community. Study Education therefore gives you expertise in analysing, leading and evaluating change processes in a wide range of organisations and activities.

At Södertörn University, the subject of Education has been defined in accordance with the its roots in the tradition of humanistic knowledge. This means that we study the long and rich history of education, at the same time as we place historical education insights in relation to current societal issues and challenges. Examples of such issues are what alternative facts, the me-too movement, migration, multiculturality, digitalisation, sustainable development, artificial intelligence and neuroscience mean for how we act and think about the various forms of education in society.