What's included?

In-depth study of current research in Business Studies

The course’s main focus is on training and developing students’ ability to read academic articles, to synthesize arguments, and to write summaries thereof. By exploration of selected themes in current research students familiarize themselves with the process of academic writing, and how research evolves through discussions in publications.

A theme is selected with, and approved by, the supervisor. Themes can start from for example some search terms, some particular academic journals, conferences held by a particular organization, etc. Through reading, writing, and discussions in class the theme develops until a final, written version is ready for assessment.

Depending on the number of students, the work is done in pairs or individually.

Course design

Teaching is in the form of lectures and seminars, and all teaching is in English. The course is assessed through active seminar participation and written assignments.

Please note: Teaching takes place on campus until Christmas, digital seminars in the final part of the course.