What's included?

Observing and investigating the natural world

On this course, you will learn to use natural phenomena and everyday technologies as starting points for learning, and to reflect on the links between science, technology, people, society and nature in current and historical contexts, as well as how to plan, execute, evaluate and document simple inquiries into natural phenomena using the methods of scientific investigation. You will also learn how to describe processes in nature using experiments, observations and theories, and to reflect on the natural conditions and different notions of nature. Additionally, the course covers the application of a scientific and source-critical perspective for assessing knowledge and information in science and technology, and teaches you how to exemplify and describe environmental impact, as well as measures aimed at the sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

Course design

Teaching is conducted through lectures, seminars, laboratory experiments and practical exercises, such as group exercises, excursions and field studies. You will be assessed on the basis of your active participation in lectures, seminars, excursions and laboratories, as well as a written examination.