Why this subject?

Explore and analyse people’s behaviour, interaction and experiences

As a science, Psychology systematically explores human behaviours and experiences. How and why do people think, feel and behave as they do?

As a subject, Psychology has a broad base in which biological, neurological, cognitive, social and cultural perspectives are used to create understanding of human thought and behaviour. Issues that are covered include the association between nature and nurture, the factors that affect people’s personality and how people make decisions. If you are generally interested in what “makes people tick”, want to work in an area in which knowledge of people is necessary, or are interested in the scientific methodology of psychology, then this is the subject for you. For many people, studying psychology also leads to significant personal development.

Unlike many other universities, scientific methodology and statistics are included in all Psychology courses at Södertörn University. Knowledge of the subject, scientific methodology and statistics are integrated and, even from the very first courses, you are trained in working independently to search for, understand, summarise, analyse and evaluate information. At Södertörn University we emphasise the factors and processes that contribute to learning, development and wellbeing and their link to society and current issues.