Stolar i föreläsningssal med ljus i bakgrunden.

Contemporary Swedish drama and theatre in context


Sweden on Stage: Contemporary Drama and Performance

7.5 credits




This course aims to introduce you to a critical approach to drama, theories and secondary literature using contemporary Swedish drama and theatre. The course literature includes plays for children, young adults and adults, from the 1980s to the present day. The plays are studied in a historical and political context.

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Work with a critical eye in all aspects of arts and culture Studying Comparative Literature provides you with the ability to examine literature critically and from many different perspectives. You will gain insight into your own writing and see how modern texts are associated with older ones. These qualities, along with an understanding for historical change, are increasingly important in society. The knowledge provided by Comparative Literature is useful in many different fields. You could work in publishing or theatre, in the media or in teaching, or at public authorities with links to arts and culture. Critics, writers and researchers in aesthetic subjects also benefit from having studied Comparative Literature. Read about research in this subject
Critical approaches to contemporary Swedish drama and theatre This course covers contemporary Swedish drama and theatre, using plays for children, young adults and adults, from the 1980s to the present day, and studying them in a historical and political context. You will discover a variety of genres in Swedish contemporary drama and learn to analyse and interpret different types of dramatic narrative in contemporary Swedish drama and theatre. Course design The course consists of seminars and lectures and is examined through a take-home exam and active participation in seminars.
Examine literature from modern and historical perspectives In Comparative Literature, you study literary texts in the widest sense, from the first literary texts to the present day. Literature not only includes novels and poems, but also plays and theoretical texts. Film, theatre and computer games can also be studied through the lens of Comparative Literature. This means that you read literature both against the background of its historical context and from modern critical perspectives. Are you interested in literature in general and critical reading in particular? There is a strong societal link in Comparative Literature, as literature always deals with issues relating to society, relationships and power. Older literature provides us with perspectives on contemporary societal issues and gives us the opportunity to investigate them historically and critically. Courses in Comparative Literature at Södertörn University have grown from gender theory and therefore have strong links to modern critical perspectives such as gender and queer theory and postcolonial theory. Comparative Literature at Södertörn University includes an element of creative Swedish, in which you have the opportunity to link your own writing to the texts being read, and to discuss this with your fellow students.