Stolsrygg i trä med natur bakom.

Deeper understanding of Sweden and the Swedish language


Swedish for International Students 2

7.5 credits

Autumn / Spring



This course is a continuation of Swedish for International Students 1. It provides more in-depth knowledge of Swedish and a deeper general understanding of Sweden in general. Swedish grammar and syntax are covered from the perspective of a second language. It also includes topics as Swedish culture and society and Swedish social life.

This course is only open for exchange students.

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Helpful knowledge for your time in Sweden After this course you will have developed a basic vocabulary and knowledge of the Swedish language, which provide a good basis for further development. You can apply for the courses that follow this one if you want to further improve your knowledge and understanding. Gaining some proficiency in Swedish will not only make life easier while you are in Sweden, but may provide insights into the differences and similarities between different languages and cultures. This understanding and intercultural competence is something that will be beneficial throughout your life, both professionally and at home. Read about research in this subject
Sweden’s language and culture and the Swedish social model On this course, you will learn more about Swedish syntax and pronunciation and how to make yourself understood in spoken Swedish in a variety of situations and contexts. It covers Swedish grammar and the relationship between pronunciation and spelling. It also provides more in-depth knowledge of Sweden in general, including topics like Swedish culture, social life and the Swedish social model. Course design The course is seminar-based and is assessed through your participation in the seminars, written and oral assignments and a written take-home exam at the end of the course.
A key to building bridges Moving to another country to live or study can be disorienting, but learning a few words of the local language can help you find your feet more quickly. While in Sweden, it is helpful to learn at least a few everyday expressions and numbers to help you when shopping or ordering food. One key to understanding culture is language, so knowledge of Swedish can also open the door to understanding Swedish culture and everyday habits, especially as you become more proficient in the language.