Why this subject?

Critical and independent analysis of democracy and foreign policy

Studying International Relations helps you independently analyse political problems and critically evaluate literature in the social sciences. If you want to work in external monitoring and opinion building, or in public administration and decision-making, then this is the subject for you.

During your studies you will examine issues such as: How does representative democracy work, formally and in practice? How do wars start and how can peace be achieved? How is power organised and distributed in global politics? Why does nationalism thrive despite globalisation? What does the future hold for European integration?

At Södertörn University, there are close links between the subjects of International Relations and Political Sciences. Södertörn University offers courses in International Relations at Bachelor’s level. At Master’s level, it is part of courses and programmes in Political Science. During your studies, you will meet specialist lecturers, many of whom conduct their own research. Researchers in International Relations are involved in work that examines subjects such as political parties, democracy and democratisation, migration and its consequences, leadership, policy processes, security policy and foreign policy.