Welcome to our guide to higher education in Sweden

This guide has information that may be useful if you are thinking about studying at Södertörn University. It has information about how to apply for courses and programmes, explanations of terms and the structure of Swedish higher education, as well as where you can turn to for help and advice.

The information about each course or programme on our website includes reasons for studying it, what it includes and what your studies could lead to in the future.

Finding a course or programme

You can search among Södertörn University’s courses and programmes in various ways.

Search using an area of interest:

This brings up all the courses and programmes linked to that area. Search by area of interest.

Search using a subject or job title:

For example, search for economics (subject) to see courses and programmes offered by the subject. Or search for teacher (job title) to see degree programmes that lead to that particular professional qualification. Search by subject.

Sections in the guide to higher education in Sweden

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Higher education in Sweden

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