Read more about the admissions process. External link, opens in new window. has information about the selection process for higher education in Sweden. This includes information about merit ratings and selection groups.

Notification of selection

You will be notified whether you have been admitted via, which is where you need to respond to this notification.

Orientation week

Before the start of a semester, international students have a week of activities to help them settle in at Södertörn University and in Sweden. During the Orientation Week, our new international students have the opportunity to attend sessions and social activities including but not limited to topics such as accommodation, students’ union, studying in Sweden, student health counselling, and Swedish culture.


When you are admitted to a course or programme, you must start studying in the semester to which your admission applies. If you have a valid reason for not starting your studies at that time, such as a medical condition, you may be allowed to defer the start of your studies. A rejected application for a residence permit is not a valid reason for deferment.

The period of deferment may be no longer than 18 months, unless there are exceptional circumstances to support a longer period.

An application for deferment must be sent to the admissions unit at Södertörn University, and include documentation of your reasons for deferment, such as a medical certificate.

Apply for deferment by writing a letter that states your reasons for not starting your course or programme when you should, as well as the semester in which you wish to start studying.

Send your application letter and supporting documentation to or post them to Antagningen, Södertörns högskola, 141 89 Huddinge, Sweden.

Exceptions to entry requirements

Each course syllabus states the entry requirements for that course. To fulfil the entry requirements for the next level (e.g. B or C courses, Master’s, specific courses on programmes), it is usually necessary for a student to have completed all the credits at previous levels.

An exception to the entry requirements may be permitted in some circumstances.

If you want to apply for exemption, fill out this form Pdf, 742.3 kB. and email it to your course or programme’s departmental mail address, or to

Questions about applications and admissions? External link, opens in new window. and External link, opens in new window. have everything you need to know!