120 credits




Leadership for Sustainable Development; Master's programme Business studies

Business Studies is the right subject for you if you want to understand how organisations are built up, developed and renewed. The subject covers four areas: organisation and leadership, marketing, accounting and financing. You will study both private and public organisations.

Companies fulfil an important function in society, supplying many of the goods and services we consume in our daily lives. Production and exports are vital to a nation’s economy; companies meet international competition and are surrounded by society that is constantly changing. Entrepreneurship and innovation are therefore important areas of Business Studies. You will develop your ability to help companies survive by finding means of financing and making them profitable.

Business Studies is useful for all industries and activities, and after your studies you can work in business administration for various types of companies and organisations. Combining Business Studies with other subjects opens the door to many career opportunities.

Business Studies provides skills that are beneficial in leadership positions. You will be able to follow and understand business developments, and have the ability to understand, explain and act in various organisational contexts. You will also gain innovative and evolutionary perspectives that will be useful in your private and professional life.