Why this programme?

Urgent need for critical and creative solutions

We must think critically and creatively if we are to live more sustainably on our planet. We need the courage to be leaders and agents of change, to adopt holistic perspectives on knowledge and society, and we need to understand the complex links between phenomena. Leadership is vital to this societal transformation.

The programme’s multidisciplinary background in the social sciences (business studies, economics and sociology) means that its content continually develops, giving you up-to-date and nuanced knowledge about complex societal and ecological phenomena. One theme is the use of new perspectives and creative problem formulations to meet the challenges generated by the transformation to a sustainable society. The programme provides in-depth knowledge of your chosen specialisation and an understanding of its relationship to subject traditions and the field of sustainable societal development. The programme is designed to give you the opportunity to study a semester at another university in Sweden or abroad.