Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge

The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge is tasked with raising awareness, investigating, teaching about and critically examining different forms of practical knowledge, particularly in working life. We create meetings between different forms of knowledge: theory and practice, art and science.

Meetings between people are the foundation of many professional fields. The Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge conducts research and offers continuing education for fields in which interpersonal relationships are decisive professional skills: in healthcare, education and social support, but also for police officers, actors and university lecturers.

Two recurring areas of research are humanities for the caring professions, and the practical knowledge of teachers and teaching. Our research is multidisciplinary and takes its theories and methods from the scholarly tradition of the humanities, with subjects such as philosophy, the history of ideas, aesthetics, education and ethnology.

On our courses, we aim to build bridges between experiential knowledge and scholarly knowledge. Studying combines the participants’ own experiences and stories from their professional lives with humanistic perspectives and theories.

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Centre for Studies in Practical Knowledge

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