Director of research: Adrienne Sörbom

Managing Board: Nicholas Aylott, Karl Magnus Johansson, Jenny Madestam, Zhanna Kravchenko, Adrienne Sörbom, Magnus Wennerhag.

Visiting professor: During 2018 and 2019 CPO welcomes Professor Janine R. Wedel – social anthropologist at George Mason University, USA – as Kerstin Hesselgrens visiting professor. Wedel is an outstanding intellectual and social scientist, studying elites and corruption among other things.

She will part her time at CPO with Institute for Futures Studiesexternal link, opens in new window. For more information, please contact Stefan Svallfors (

Researches outside Södertörn University

Niklas Bolin, Associate Professor of Political Science, Mittuniversitetet

Thomas Larue, fil. dr. Political Science, Riksdagsförvaltningen

Ingvar Mattsson, fil.dr Political Science, Riksdagsdirektör

Board of Reference:

Karl Magnus Johansson, Chair, Professor of Political Science, Södertörn University

Håkan Blomqvist, Associate Professor of History, Södertörn University

Eva Erman, Professor of Political Science, Stockholm University

Christina Garsten, Professor of Social Anthropology, Stockholm University

Bengt Jacobsson, Professor of Business Administration, Södertörn University

Forskare, lärare och övrig personal: