Forum for Romani Studies

Romani Studies is an expanding, multidisciplinary research field at Södertörn University. This page gathers information on current research, education, third stream activities and other topics relevant to our activities.

The subject of Romani Studies examines the experiences, languages and cultures of Roma, Travellers and other related groups, as well as antiziganism. Research and education in Romani Studies is primarily conducted at the Centre for Baltic and East European Studies and at the School of Culture and Education. However, researchers in the field are found at the university’s other academic schools.

The Forum for Romani Studies aims to gather and present current information relevant to the area. We highlight individual researchers, research results, new partnerships with other higher education institutions in Sweden and abroad, and information about education in the subject. We also organise open lectures and work with relevant organisations outside the university. For more information about seminars, open lectures and conferences, please visit our calendar.

Since 2008, Södertörn University has organised several courses in Romani Studies as contract education for the National Agency for Education and the National Board of Health and Welfare. These have primarily been courses for bridge-builders and mother-tongue teachers. For more information, see our third stream activities.


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