Research projects and publications

This section has more information about current research projects, research reports and other publications by Reinvent’s researchers. More information about projects and different types of activities can be found on each researcher's website.

Södertörn University is running a range of projects about different aspects of urban dynamics, not least the dynamics of the urban periphery. More information about projects are our various activities is available on the relevant researcher’s webpage.

Examples of projects:

  • Business improvement districts. A model for creating safe and attractive retail areas (Oana Mihaescu et al.)
  • The importance of civil society organisations for youth school performance in marginalised housing areas (Alireza Behtoui)
  • Elastic homes (Paul Feuhrer et al.)
  • A city for all? A study of young women’s lives in a changing suburb (Sara Ferlander et al.)
  • Flemingsberg: An inclusive and coherent urban environment (Sara Ferlander et al.)
  • Competition and price formation on the housing market (Mats Berman et al.)
  • Cultural power (Ann-Sofie Köping Olsson et al.)
  • Marginalised groups, neighbourhoods and social work. Pilot study in Järfälla municipality (Magdalena Elmersjö et al.)
  • Reinvent: Recreating the suburb in a fragmented landscape (Apostolis Papakostas et al.)
  • Segregation – what happens when people never meet? (Jonas Lindström et al.)
  • School choices, priority rules and school segregation (Dany Kessel et al.)
  • Societal innovations against segregation (Malin Gawell et al.)
  • The urban justice movement: youth activism and participation in civil society (Lisa Kings)
  • Taking place – the right way to increase participation in cultural life? (Lena Sohl)

People affiliated with Reinvent also participate in the university’s work to develop strategic partnerships in the region, where collaborations within research and education are systematised through dialogue and shared planning. One such strategic partnership was signed with Botkyrka Municipality in 2020 and with Huddinge Municipality 2021.


Reinvent’s researchers are published in international scholarly journals, books in Swedish and through other channels. The publications are listed in the DIVA publications database. External link, opens in new window.