Head of research: Apostolis Papakostas

Steering committee:

The task of the steering committee is to support the director on strategic issues and decisions. It will thereby work for the long-term development of the centre and for high-quality meetings between academics and practitioners.

Chair of the steering committee:

  • Mats Bergman, chair of the steering committee and professor of economics


  • Fredrik Bergström, PhD Econ, area manager WSP, Analysis and Strategy.
  • Magdalena Bosson, municipal director, Huddinge Municipality.
  • Hans Lind, professor of real estate economics, formerly KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Truls Neubeck, Dr, executive director Ideell Arena.
  • Apostolis Papakostas, professor of sociology
  • Sasha Tsenkova, professor of planning & international development, University of Calgary, Canada.
  • Ebba Östlin, chair of the municipal board, Botkyrka Municipality.

Researchers, teaching staff and other employees: