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01 Jul
05 Jul

A “New Security Landscape” in Europe? Challenges and Consequences for Military and Society

The deteriorating security situation in Eastern Europe and across the Baltic Sea region has amplified the need to rethink defence strategies, collaborations, and organisation. Recent years have also seen a shift in many countries’ security and defence policies and practices.

18 Sep

The Space of the World: Can Human Solidarity Survive Social Media and What If It Can't?

The Digital Transformations Platform is announcing a seminar led by Nick Couldry, Professor of Media, Communications and Social Theory at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

03 Oct
04 Oct

Conference, Swedish Association for American Studies (SAAS)

A meeting place for everyone interested in North American Studies, one month before the dramatic elections in the USA – with a keynote lecture by Harvard intellectual historian James T. Kloppenberg, also joined in panel discussion by Cecilia Khavar, Göran Rosenberg, Dag Blanck, and Christin Mays.

10 Oct

Ruptures and continuities in French ethnographic iconographic representations of the Sub-Arctic

Anatole Danto is a maritime anthropologist working in Brest and interested in the archives held by the Ministry of Defense and the French Polar institute. He has worked on different works resulting from French Navy and Polar expeditions into the North in the collections of the Académie de Marine.