Doctoral courses

Information about current doctoral courses is collected here. To see the general and specific entry requirements for applying for a doctoral position, please refer to the programme syllabus.

Introduction to Critical and Cultural Theory, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2019

Syllabus: Introduction to Critical and Cultural TheoryPDF

Contact: Marta Edling

Truth, Construction and Subjectivity: Contemporary Issues in the Theory of Scientific Knowledge, 7.5 credits

Autumn 2019

The course shows how the scholarly ideal of knowledge and truth leads to critical questions about its own conditions. The course presents and discusses some of the central standpoints within the contemporary debate: phenomenology, hermeneutics, genealogy and discourse analysis, the sociology of knowledge, deconstruction, feminist and postcolonial criticism.The primary aim of the course is to provide students with a specialised introduction to some important authors and standpoints in the field of critical theory. The course focuses on the opposition between relativism and objectivism, and between constructivism and anticonstructivism.

The course is mainly focused on issues relevant to social science, history, and the humanities, but it also touches on the relationship between the human and the natural sciences. It is not primarily a course that teaches scientific methods, instead its purpose is to provide an advanced introduction to how scholarly practices have been theoretically and critically understood and discussed up to the present day. By making the students acquainted with central theoretical positions based on the reading of original texts it gives the ability to take a stand in central debates on scientific theory.

Syllabus: Truth, Construction and SubjectivityPDF

Contact: Hans Ruin

Courses in network collaboration with other universities:

InterGender: Feminist Methodologies: Interdisciplinary Practices, 7,5 credits

Date: 11-13 November 2019
Place: Linköping University, Sweden

Information: link

Kontakt vid Södertörns högskola: Jenny Sundén

Contemporary Debates in Media and Communication Theory, 7,5 credits

February - April 2019, Karlstad University and Malmö University

Information: Contemporary Debates in Media and Communication Theory VT19

Contact at Södertörn University: Stina Bengtsson

InterGender: Geographies of political activism: Transnationalisms, neoliberalisms, genders and sexualities

Spring 2019, University of Gothenburg

Applications: link
More details: link

Contact at Södertörn University: Ulla Manns

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General syllabus in Comparative Literature.pdf 84.5 kB 2019-02-26 12.48
General syllabus in Gender Studies.pdf 195.2 kB 2019-02-26 12.48
General syllabus in Media and Communication Studies.pdf 235.9 kB 2019-02-26 12.48
General syllabus in Philosophy.pdf 309.2 kB 2019-02-26 12.48
General syllabus in Theory of Practical Knowledge.pdf 221.8 kB 2019-02-26 12.48