Doctoral courses

As a research area for doctoral studies, Historical Studies offers courses at doctoral level. Information about current doctoral courses is collected here.

Methods and Theory of Knowledge, 7.5 credits

The course aims to provide basic knowledge of current debates within theory and method, primarily in the subjects covered by the area of Historical Studies. Even if the course includes studies in each subject, the main focus remains multidisciplinarity. The intention is to equip the doctoral student with area-specific knowledge of theory and method that can have an innovative and creative influence when writing a thesis that is authored in an individual subject.

Discourse Analysis in Cultural and Social Science Research Practice, 7.5 credits

The aim of the course is to provide an introduction to discourse analysis and provide the doctoral student with the opportunity to think about, discuss and apply different perspectives on discourse analysis in his/her thesis work. There is a particular focus on critical discourse analysis and discourse theory. The aim also to provide course participants with insight into different methodological approaches and an understanding of the different types of knowledge that the varying perspectives of discourse analysis generate. Finally, the course will provide the doctoral student with insight into current debate in the field around democracy, politics and social change, with particular links to post-Marxism.

For more information, please contact Jenny Gunnarsson Payne.

Introductory Course in Historical Studies, 7.5 Credits

The course aims to provide specialised knowledge of the area’s academic perspectives and general field of knowledge. Particular emphasis is placed on literature that is clearly linked to the area’s four profiles: Baltic and East European Studies, Contemporary History /focusing on political ideas and political history), Gender Studies, and Cultural Heritage and Cultural Processes, all with a focus on the different contributions made by Historical Studies’ disciplines – Archaeology, Ethnology, History of Ideas and History. The ambition is also to train the doctoral student in the multidisciplinary approach required by area studies.

For more information about general and specific entry requirements, and selection criteria, please read the admission regulations and the general syllabus before submitting your application. For information about doctoral studies, please contact Lena Lennerhed, director of studies, the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies. 

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