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Research in Art History at Södertörn University typically focuses on the modern and contemporary periods. Studies range from ones dealing with the aesthetics and conceptions of history in the 18th century, to the modernism and avant-garde discourse of the 19th century with its artistic creation myths, new concepts of art, the visuality and technology of modern times. The digital revolution's effects on art and visual culture from the 1990s onward is also a major research field, including virtual spaces and forms of network connectivity.

A broad spectrum of in-depth investigations, such as the theory of painting, graphics and photography, also receive attention. The period after 1945 is particularly well covered, from the revisions of the modern legacy, from the viewpoints of late and postmodern culture, through conceptual art and institutional critique. The discourse on contemporary art has been studied as a historical phenomenon. Other studies concern cosmopolitan art history, post- and de-colonial strategies and the notion of heritage linked to art and cultural politics. There is special interest in critical museum and gender studies, where questions of value and the canon have been interrogated alongside issues of economics, education, equality and ethnicity – nationally, as well as internationally and globally. Historiography is another strong field. In terms of theory and method, the legacy of hermeneutics and phenomenology, as well as discourse analysis, ANT, genealogy, gender theory and the sociology of culture are prominent.

New research is presented in our publication series, Södertörn Studies in Art History and Aesthetics.

Art History, along with Studies in Practical Knowledge, Aesthetics External link., Philosophy External link., Gender Studies External link., Comparative Literature External link. and Media and Communication Studies External link.. is part of the research area called Critical and Cultural Theory, which offers doctoral studies.

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