At Södertörn University, research in Education examines the conditions for learning socialisation, knowledge formation and the construction of identity from an intercultural perspective.

Multidisciplinary research in Education is currently conducted in the following areas in particular:

  • Intercultural communication and multilingualism
  • Globalisation, identity and peace
  • National self-comprehension and national minorities
  • Racism and discrimination
  • Internationalisation and comparative research
  • The media, learning and knowledge formation
  • Creating meaning and developing concepts
  • Value issues
  • Refugees' reception and situations

The intercultural aspect is important in these areas of research, and may involve how communication occurs in multilingual situations or how refugees are received, including unaccompanied refugee minors. Interest is focused on the courses' and programmes' internationalisation and construction of identity in the globalised sphere. One research area that links to this is that surrounding the new and cosmopolitan attitudes that arise in multicultural environments, and their relationships to issues of values and peace creation. Research may also examine the situation of national minorities and education, or racism, discrimination and issues of equality. The new research into whiteness is also one element of this field. Another area of interest is the role of the media in learning, knowledge formation and how knowledge is presented in multimodal forms. Well-established areas in Education, such as creating meaning, learning and forming concepts are also features of the learning environment. Research and education takes place in a well-developed international network that also includes Latin America and Australia.

To see all the research conducted in Education at Södertörn University, please visit the staff's personal pages.

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