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With hundreds of millions of people around the world using it daily, English is undoubtedly one of the most important global languages. In virtually every country, it is an essential part of business, research, commerce, technology, politics, news and many other fields in which the exchange of ideas is essential.

Lecturers in English at Södertörn University conduct research in linguistics, literature and culture.

Linguistic research

Research at Södertörn's English subject comprises both linguistic and literary disciplines as well as culture studies. Within the linguistics staff, Kristy Beers Fägersten researches the use of swear words by native and non-native speakers of English, the practice and representation of conversation in comic strips, and digital communication. Harriet Sharp's research focuses on English in Sweden and code-switching practices in different domains. Martin Dvorak researches means of persuasion in religious discourse. Hanna Sveen’s research is primarily on language and gender and characterisation from different perspectives, such as in the school context, and she is currently involved in a project on supervision and writing in academic contexts.

Literary research

On the literary side, Sheila Ghose's research interests include postcolonial literature and theory, minority discourse, gender studies, cultural studies, and modern critical theory. She is currently working on a Riksbankens Jubileumsfond-sponsored project, "Textual Forgery in a Postcolonial World," a study of a number of fake memoirs and plagiarized novels that claim to tell stories of minority and postcolonial subjectivities. Liz Kella researches contemporary American literature and culture, particularly issues of multiculturalism, race, and ethnicity. Her latest work, sponsored by the Swedish Research Council, is a co-authored book, Making Home: Orphanhood, Kinship, and Cultural Memory in Contemporary American Novels, published by Manchester University Press. New research interests include the Gothic in literature and film, and women’s writing from the Polish diaspora. Kerstin Shands currently has no research at Södertörn University, but her research interests include autobiography studies.

Co-operation with the Teacher Education program

The academic staff furthermore develop and teach courses on all levels of the Teacher Education program, and thus our research profile also includes subject didactics (Martin Dvorak), classroom discourse (Kristy Beers Fägersten) and academic writing and supervision (Hanna Sveen).


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