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Research projects

Listed below you find information about current research projects. Of the listing is empty there are no current information available. Please visit our Swedish page for more information.


Marine Spatial Planning in the Baltic Sea Region – Integrating Scales, Sectors and Knowledge (BaltSpace)

The interdisciplinary research project BaltSpace aims to generate an improved understanding on what restricts and promotes Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) in the Baltic Sea region. More precisely the focus of BaltSpace is to explore if and how various interests, values and knowledge claims among countries, societal sectors and stakeholders are considered and integrated in MSP processes.

STEM and equality, diversity and inclusion for research enhancement in Portugal


Capacity building on complex systems thinking

COSY Thinking

Knowledge production through Yazidi women’s war narratives

Troubling Testimonies

Conflict Prevention in Urban Planning, Urban Regeneration and Urban Governance

Vulnerable Cities

Governance pathways and policy design for sustainable forest use (GOVFORBIO)

On the road to a bio-based economy

Oceans Sustainability Pathways for Achieving Conflict transformation


Genomic signatures of anthropogenic stress on revived diatoms from natural archives


Activating children from multi-ethnic disadvantaged urban areas today for a more sustainable tomorrow: playing and experimenting for sustainability leadership.

Activating children

A sustainable spatial planning framework for engaging diverse actors and citizens in revitalising in-between spaces for social inclusion, biodiversity, and well-being.


Planning with youth: a tool and a framework for an engaging, meaningful and forward-looking participation of youngsters in shaping attractive and sustainable living environments

Planning with youth

Strengthening the Social Pillar in Marine Spatial Planning

Taking Social Sustainability to the Sea

The process of deliberating and adopting a Swedish National Forest Program in the emerging bioeconomy

Towards a reformed forest policy

Comparing "from below" experiences in Brazil, Ecuador and Mozambique

Indigenous Community-Based Eco-Tourism and Socio-environmental Justice in the Global South

Anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox): a proposed missing piece in the Baltic Sea nitrogen cycle

Anaerobic ammonia oxidation (anammox): a proposed missing piece in the Baltic Sea nitrogen cycle